Will The PS Vita Be Able To Play All Past PSP Games?

The PS Vita will have the ability to play some of the PSP games. Although the interface between the two systems will not be as great as one would expect from the new technology. The PS Vita will have to interface with the PSP through an ad hoc connection. Also the game will need to be one that the user can obtain through the PS store for their Vita. The title must be able to be sustained by the Vita as well.

This does not seem to bother die hard PSP fans. Many who have supported the new technology through the Vita will still purchase the unit anyway. Many have stated that they are not happy with the shorter battery life though. With only five available hours of battery life, many state that the Vita may not actually be all it is worked up to be. While this may be the case, others have argued that those individuals who are playing games long enough to wear out the battery should get up and move around after five hours.

The Sony corporation has stated that they will consider and attempt support for the UMD PSP based games for the PS Vita. They are being rather allusive though as to whether this will be the case or not. It is considered a promising outlook that Sony is even juggling the thought. If the answer was a definite no, they would not even be addressing the worries and issues of users and critics.

Sony has offered the thought that they are doing everything they can to allow the UMD games to play on the new system. The PS Vita also promises to take handheld gaming to a whole new level. It will have not only 3G, but it will also be WiFi capable. This will allow the user to keep in touch with family and friends without the need for a laptop or computer at hand.

The stunning OLED screen will be a whole 5 inches with multi touch capability. Front and rear augmented camera abilities will also allow the gamer to continue playing while bringing aspects of the real world into their game world. This is the device that will change the face of the whole industry making it more accessible and useable for all. With the whole world vying to play, make sure to be a part of this innovation in game play.

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