PS Vita Vs PSP Go | Comparing Sony's Handhelds

With the pending release of the PS Vita many wonder if the new game will be superior to the earlier release the PSP Go. Which is an appropriate question why spend money on the new product if you're satisfied with the old. When the PSP Go was released it to was the next best thing, but with the release of the new PS Vita many wonder if the PSP Go will also be pushed aside, just as the PSP was. So which system is the better choice or perhaps the better question which you should spend your money on.

First we should look at which handheld game has the better graphics and sound. Now obviously the PS Vita is a major improvement on both of these areas. The new handheld game is said to be packed with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and this is not to mention the presence of a quad-core power VR graphics processor. When comparing the PSP Go to the PS Vita in terms of graphics there really is no comparison. But this could have been foreseen as the newer product usually has the better graphics, as the programmers have had more time to update.

Next seeing how they are both handheld games we should see which is more portable. The PSP Go actually happens to be the superior game in this category. Now this is only because the PSP Go has a height of 2.7 inches, a width of 5 inches, and a weight of somewhere under 160 grams. Now the PS Vita is much larger than any other handheld game, and this is of course due to the fact that it has a much larger screen.

Finally we should compare the games of the two handheld systems. Now it is said the new games which were written for the PS Vita will not work on any of the Sony handheld systems, however all Sony handheld games are compatible with the new PS Vita. So here it would seem the choice is obvious, because the new games are bound to be better, and with the Vita you can still play any games you would on the Go.

In a match between the present and the new it would seem the present is no match for the new. The current technology will always reign supreme.


  1. i dont believe dis crap u can NEVER play old psp games on vita

    1. Yes you can; Only if you download/buy it from Playstation store online, digitally; however games that are UMD exclusive like Kingdom hearts on psp arent available for digital download yet!