Sony PS Vita & Nintendo 3DS | Fair Comparison

Some comparison's for the Sony PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS are. They both have rear & front facing camera's, they both have a microphone. With dimensions the Vita is heaver, the vita measures in at 18.2cm long by 7.3cm. While the 3DS is only 13.4cm long by 7.3cm. If the 3DS and the Vita both got released at the same time they would cost the same price which would be $230, but right now since the 3DS has been out for awhile you can normally find it for around $120 right now so when the Vita is released it will be $230.

 The Vita definitely wins with the screen display unless you like 3D, the Vita has a five inch OLED screen which is great because of the bright colors and contrast, the 3DS has two screen's though while the Vita only has one screen, but that one screen is extremely powerful, While it wins with everything expect for it does not have the 3D mode.

With the battery of the both, Vita wins that also being able to play for an estimated five hours, while the 3DS is only good for between 3-4 hours. With special features it's going to depend on the person itself because people enjoy the fact that you can play the 3DS without glasses, but the Vita has a much bigger display part, the Vita also has a more detailed setup for controllers it has two analogue sticks.

I would personally recommended the Sony PS Vita I think it would be a much more appealing one because it's going to be newer, i think it will have more action games because with the PS3 console and the PSP, those had a lot of action games. It also seems relevant to the PSP because it looks the same & has a lot of the same things. It also has a touch pad on the back, where the 3DS does not have that. But the one thing that i really like about the Vita is how it has the nice clear big touch screen display and the dual analog sticks.

PS Vita Vs PSP Go | Comparing Sony's Handhelds

With the pending release of the PS Vita many wonder if the new game will be superior to the earlier release the PSP Go. Which is an appropriate question why spend money on the new product if you're satisfied with the old. When the PSP Go was released it to was the next best thing, but with the release of the new PS Vita many wonder if the PSP Go will also be pushed aside, just as the PSP was. So which system is the better choice or perhaps the better question which you should spend your money on.

First we should look at which handheld game has the better graphics and sound. Now obviously the PS Vita is a major improvement on both of these areas. The new handheld game is said to be packed with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and this is not to mention the presence of a quad-core power VR graphics processor. When comparing the PSP Go to the PS Vita in terms of graphics there really is no comparison. But this could have been foreseen as the newer product usually has the better graphics, as the programmers have had more time to update.

Next seeing how they are both handheld games we should see which is more portable. The PSP Go actually happens to be the superior game in this category. Now this is only because the PSP Go has a height of 2.7 inches, a width of 5 inches, and a weight of somewhere under 160 grams. Now the PS Vita is much larger than any other handheld game, and this is of course due to the fact that it has a much larger screen.

Finally we should compare the games of the two handheld systems. Now it is said the new games which were written for the PS Vita will not work on any of the Sony handheld systems, however all Sony handheld games are compatible with the new PS Vita. So here it would seem the choice is obvious, because the new games are bound to be better, and with the Vita you can still play any games you would on the Go.

In a match between the present and the new it would seem the present is no match for the new. The current technology will always reign supreme.

Top 3 Anticipated PS Vita Games | PS Vita Top 3 Games At Launch

PS Vita is the new handheld by Sony, made to replace the current handheld PSP. It is expected to be released in North America in early 2012. The new handheld has a 5 inch OLED touch screen and although it is touch screen capable it features two analog sticks, a D-pad, standard PS3 buttons (triangle, circle, X and square) two shoulder buttons, a Playstation, start and select button. The expected American release price is $249 for the Wi-Fi only and $299 for the Wi-Fi and 3G version. Although it is fully backwards compatible, there are a few games that were previewed at the E3 convention this year that sparked the interest of Sony fans everywhere.

1. Sound Shapes (working title) – This is a well thought out title brought to us from designer Jonathan Mak (Everyday Shooter). It is a 2D platformer musical game where the goal is to hit all of the musical points throughout the level while avoiding perils. Your reward at the end is the full musical composition. Once you have completed all of the challenges you can create your own levels.

2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Golden Abyss is another glorious addition to the Uncharted series that follows Nathan Drake as he journey’s to Central America. He is in search of information regarding the 400-year-old deaths of a Spanish expedition involving a secret Spanish sect, his old friend Jason Dante and Marisa Chase; a missing archeologists granddaughter.

3. Little Big Planet – If you’ve ever played any of the enjoyable Little Big Planet games then you will be excited about this release following our beloved Sackboy’s adventures. If you haven’t played a Little Big Planet then prepare to have your socks knocked off. The demo at E3 showed that the game is comparable in appearance to the PS3 version. It plays much like the PS3 version with platform levels and puzzles. The game works well in conjunction with the touch screen environment of the PS Vita.

The anticipation behind the release of the PS Vita is large, especially with Sony handheld lovers. The changes made to the controls have created a buzz within the industry and with fans. If you are planning on getting a PS Vita then you should get one these games to ensure that you get the full experience from your new handheld.

Will The PS Vita Be Able To Play All Past PSP Games?

The PS Vita will have the ability to play some of the PSP games. Although the interface between the two systems will not be as great as one would expect from the new technology. The PS Vita will have to interface with the PSP through an ad hoc connection. Also the game will need to be one that the user can obtain through the PS store for their Vita. The title must be able to be sustained by the Vita as well.

This does not seem to bother die hard PSP fans. Many who have supported the new technology through the Vita will still purchase the unit anyway. Many have stated that they are not happy with the shorter battery life though. With only five available hours of battery life, many state that the Vita may not actually be all it is worked up to be. While this may be the case, others have argued that those individuals who are playing games long enough to wear out the battery should get up and move around after five hours.

The Sony corporation has stated that they will consider and attempt support for the UMD PSP based games for the PS Vita. They are being rather allusive though as to whether this will be the case or not. It is considered a promising outlook that Sony is even juggling the thought. If the answer was a definite no, they would not even be addressing the worries and issues of users and critics.

Sony has offered the thought that they are doing everything they can to allow the UMD games to play on the new system. The PS Vita also promises to take handheld gaming to a whole new level. It will have not only 3G, but it will also be WiFi capable. This will allow the user to keep in touch with family and friends without the need for a laptop or computer at hand.

The stunning OLED screen will be a whole 5 inches with multi touch capability. Front and rear augmented camera abilities will also allow the gamer to continue playing while bringing aspects of the real world into their game world. This is the device that will change the face of the whole industry making it more accessible and useable for all. With the whole world vying to play, make sure to be a part of this innovation in game play.

PS Vita Vulnerable To Be Hacked?

Sony is one of the biggest gaming companies around, and because of this fact they are the prime target for hackers. So with the new release of the PS Vita many wonder is the PS Vita vulnerable to being hacked? This is obviously a reasonable question since Sony has been hacked so many times in the past. Since the ever popular breach which exposed over 100 million users, Sony has been said to have been hacked over 10 times. The famed company has received plenty of complaints from not only customers, but also law makers. So the question remains is your PS Vita vulnerable to hacking?

This whole controversy started with the infamous PS3, it was here that the most severe hacking began which brought controversy to the famed company. The software which was in the PS3 was said to be hack proof, as it was so encrypted. However the group Fail0verflow still managed to through this encryption, posing a major problem for Sony. And since then the PSP has also been a major target for hackers, this simple fact has brought allot of unwanted scrutiny on the famed company. This is the main reason some faithful fans are worried that their new PS Vita might also be vulnerable to unwanted attacks.

There is some current information about the new handheld game which might suggest it would be harder for hackers to attack however. According to a few sites the big reason the PSP was open to piracy was because of the removable battery. Now according to Sony the battery for the PS Vita comes embedded in the system, and this will apparently stop most hackers from getting in. I do not know why that is, but many are saying this isn’t the solution; it will just stall the hackers until they find a way around it.

There is little information on the security of the new PS Vita, hopefully Sony has learned from their previous mistakes. Hopefully the new handheld game will be safe from hackers so that maybe Sony could outlive all of the recent attacks on their perceived high security network.

Will The PS Vita Kill The PSP?

With the new release of the PS Vita many wonder if the new release will over shadow the infamous PSP. This is a valid question, and as with most electronics the old ones usually get pushed aside pending a new release. We are doomed to repeat history and it would seem this situation is no different. But will popularity truly decrease for the ever famous PSP?

First we should look at how and why the new Vita came along, and why the creators thought the new handheld game would appeal to their fans. The main reason it seemed to appeal to fans of the series is because it combined the thrill of gaming with the convenience of social connectivity. Which of course would bring users closer together with the prospect of online game play, something all avid gamers seem to covet. And this new technology is said to work where ever the player is. This is truly a revolutionary way to look at the handheld gaming device, so it is not entirely improbable to think that it will over shadow the PSP. The new handheld game is also said to be compatible with PSP games, this would be another reason which further perpetuates the notion that the PSP will be rendered obsolete.

However the revolutionary gaming experience is not the only thing which over shadows its predecessor. The new handheld device is also said to be equipped with two cameras, a vibrant OLED display, dual analog sticks, twelve buttons, two digitizers, and a D pad. More and more this new handheld game is looking more like a console with all the added high price gimmicks. The PS Vita is also said to have two ports attached one is to hold game cards, and the other is used to access removable data like downloadable content. It also includes a large socket located at the bottom of the device which is said to be used for power, and connectivity. It looks like this will shape out to be a truly original release.

Time and time again we have seen the next best thing push the previous technology farther and farther away. It would seem this situation will be no different.

PS Vita vs PSP 3000

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. With video games people can enjoy many types of games that are best for their interests and preferences. Games such as first person shooters, role playing games and sports games are among the most popular. There are many platforms to play games on such as consoles and handheld devices. Two of the most common and highest quality handheld gaming devices are the Playstation Portable (PSP) and the Playstation Vita. Both offer many benefits and have their distinct advantages.

When it comes to graphics and sound, the PS Vita has the edge. The device features a quad core ARM Cortex A-9 CPU along with a quad core power processor. With this feature the quality of graphics is outstanding and provides players with a top quality gaming experience. PS Vita can also display 960 x 544 pixels in 16 million colors on a 5 inch screen. The PSP was introuced back in 2004 and featured a CPU that ran on 333MHz and a GPU that operated at 480 x 272 pixels on a LCD screen. At the time this was state of the art and was of superior quality but now it is obsolete compared to the newer and more advanced PS Vita. Both devices had built in stereo speakers.

When it comes to portability the PS Vita and PS 3000 are equally convenient for people looking to play games on the go. The PS 3000 is smaller and more compact due to a smaller screen and shorter length. The PSP 3000 is 6.7 inches in length, 2.8 inches in height and weighs 189 grams. With the PS Vita, the device is 7.2 inches in width and 3.3 inches in height and it is also more thin than the PSP 3000. The battery life on both devices is 4-5 hours.

Both devices have their unique compatibility characteristics. The PSP 3000 uses a Universal Media Disc format and it is therefore compatible with all PSP games in this particular format. This device also allows the downloading of games from the Playstation store and can easily be saved with a memory stick. Due to having new hardware, the PS Vita won't operate on any previous PSP models. However the PS Vita is backwards compatible and wil be able to allow people to download games from the Playstation store. The PS Vita is also compatible with Playstation Suite.

Sony PS Vita Release Date!

It was accidentally slipped early in the morning on September twenty first 2011 that the Sony PS Vita would have a soon upcoming release date in the United States. The information of the Sony PS Vita's release was quickly pulled after it slipped out, but not before it could catch the eye of bloggers all around the world. The Sony PS Vita will be released in the United States on February twenty eighth, 2012. The Sony PS Vita will be released the same day in the United Kingdom. The Japanese are slightly luckier as they will see the release of the Sony PS Vita a little earlier with their release date being December twenty first, 2011.

The Sony PS Vita will have two versions, one being a 3G game system, and both will be available on the same day in the United States. The 3G version of the Sony PS Vita will cost $299.99, and the less expensive version of the Sony PS Vita will cost fifty dollars less at $249.99.

Japan has stated that they will have at least twenty eight games available on their Sony PS Vita release date, and at least one hundred more in the weeks to follow. The United States wants to follow suit, and has stated that some of the expected games include Little Big Planet, and Resistance.

The President of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida, has stated that the Sony PS Vita will be considered "region free". In layman's terms this simply means that hard core game players will not have to wait for newly released games to come to their region. The game player will easily be able to import a hot new game to play on their Sony PS Vita.

When the Sony PS Vita is released it will be fully backwards compatible with the Sony PlayStation Portable. The Sony PS Vita will also be compatible with all PlayStation Network, and PlayStation Store games. The graphics for the games meant for the Sony PlayStation Portable will be upgrated to look nicer on the Sony PS Vita.

After such an interesting unofficial announcement of the Sony PS Vita's release in the United States, there is sure to be an official announcement from Sony any day.


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