PS Vita Vulnerable To Be Hacked?

Sony is one of the biggest gaming companies around, and because of this fact they are the prime target for hackers. So with the new release of the PS Vita many wonder is the PS Vita vulnerable to being hacked? This is obviously a reasonable question since Sony has been hacked so many times in the past. Since the ever popular breach which exposed over 100 million users, Sony has been said to have been hacked over 10 times. The famed company has received plenty of complaints from not only customers, but also law makers. So the question remains is your PS Vita vulnerable to hacking?

This whole controversy started with the infamous PS3, it was here that the most severe hacking began which brought controversy to the famed company. The software which was in the PS3 was said to be hack proof, as it was so encrypted. However the group Fail0verflow still managed to through this encryption, posing a major problem for Sony. And since then the PSP has also been a major target for hackers, this simple fact has brought allot of unwanted scrutiny on the famed company. This is the main reason some faithful fans are worried that their new PS Vita might also be vulnerable to unwanted attacks.

There is some current information about the new handheld game which might suggest it would be harder for hackers to attack however. According to a few sites the big reason the PSP was open to piracy was because of the removable battery. Now according to Sony the battery for the PS Vita comes embedded in the system, and this will apparently stop most hackers from getting in. I do not know why that is, but many are saying this isn’t the solution; it will just stall the hackers until they find a way around it.

There is little information on the security of the new PS Vita, hopefully Sony has learned from their previous mistakes. Hopefully the new handheld game will be safe from hackers so that maybe Sony could outlive all of the recent attacks on their perceived high security network.


  1. a jailbreak for the ps vita would be the only reason i would buy it haha

  2. I love how people use the terminology referring to unlocking an Apple phone as the term for hacking anything nowadays...