Will The PS Vita Kill The PSP?

With the new release of the PS Vita many wonder if the new release will over shadow the infamous PSP. This is a valid question, and as with most electronics the old ones usually get pushed aside pending a new release. We are doomed to repeat history and it would seem this situation is no different. But will popularity truly decrease for the ever famous PSP?

First we should look at how and why the new Vita came along, and why the creators thought the new handheld game would appeal to their fans. The main reason it seemed to appeal to fans of the series is because it combined the thrill of gaming with the convenience of social connectivity. Which of course would bring users closer together with the prospect of online game play, something all avid gamers seem to covet. And this new technology is said to work where ever the player is. This is truly a revolutionary way to look at the handheld gaming device, so it is not entirely improbable to think that it will over shadow the PSP. The new handheld game is also said to be compatible with PSP games, this would be another reason which further perpetuates the notion that the PSP will be rendered obsolete.

However the revolutionary gaming experience is not the only thing which over shadows its predecessor. The new handheld device is also said to be equipped with two cameras, a vibrant OLED display, dual analog sticks, twelve buttons, two digitizers, and a D pad. More and more this new handheld game is looking more like a console with all the added high price gimmicks. The PS Vita is also said to have two ports attached one is to hold game cards, and the other is used to access removable data like downloadable content. It also includes a large socket located at the bottom of the device which is said to be used for power, and connectivity. It looks like this will shape out to be a truly original release.

Time and time again we have seen the next best thing push the previous technology farther and farther away. It would seem this situation will be no different.

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