When will the PS Vita price drop?

North American retail shelves have been hit by PlayStation Vita last month, a latest product by Sony. PS Vita is definitely an attractive and an efficient piece of hardware, but in spite of all these whistles and bells, the console is not selling like hot cakes in Japan over the last year.

The new portable device is expected to experience the similar pattern of sales in West as in Japan, which was predicted a beginning boom but it was a quick fall in the further sales. The Vita was launched in U.S. and Europe some time ago. The initial launch was quite a successful one with a sale of around 320,000 units in first week only, but subsequently in second week it dropped to just 70,000. Including sales in since its launch last year, a total of 1.2 units have been sold. Nintendo 3DS overpowered its sales over the peak time of Christmas, which shifted around 482,000 units on the week of launch.

Do you think Vita’s recent pricing is too expensive for you?

The analysts think that even if the console is selling quite well, a price deduction is required. The console has been launched, keeping in mind the requirement of mobile device capable of providing a combination of social connectivity with the real world and rich gaming.

Vodafone has started booking orders at $419, which includes a memory card of 4 GB and prepaid 3G data of 200 MB for the 3G version. The vita has been released in Australia on 23rd of Feb. The price set by Sony was originally $449.95. Earlier, Sony was quite adamant and firm that there will be no such requirement of a price cut in the same manner as in the case of Nintendo 3DS. Sony also announced that it was a lot happy with the price they had set. The best way that Sony should take as thought by research firm, is a price drop of the normal version to at least $180, which will most probably shoot the sales to a mark of $2.2 billion (expected sale of 12.4 units) over the world in the upcoming year.

However, now the company is bound to consider a price cut in time. The price cuts have not been officially announced by Sony, but it is expected to have a slash of prices of the 3G model up to 20%. We just need to wait and observe what happens.

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