Resistance: Burning Skies Riley Trailer

August 1951: The Attack on America Begins.......Set in a brutal, alternate 1950s universe, Resistance: Burning Skies™ puts you in the centre of the first Chimeran invasion of America. You play as New York firefighter Tom Riley, who responds to a routine 911 call and comes face-to-face with the brutal Chimera in the initial days of their invasion on the east Coast of the US. He is separated from his wife and daughter and must make the decision to takes up arms against the invading force to locate them. Resistance: Burning Skies has been built from the ground up for the PSVITA and will be the first portable FPS to give you true, Dual-Analog control. 

Resistance: Burning Skies™ ©2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Developed by Nihilistic Software. "Resistance: Burning Skies" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All rights reserved.

Little Deviants - Behind the Scenes

One of the more talked about games for the PS Vita launch game line up is Little Deviants.  This is a good way to experience more interaction with games with unique controls using the the front and rear touch capabilities.  Here are some of the best features:

  • Fun-filled mini-games showcase all the interactivity features of PlayStation Vita system - including augmented reality shooting action with Deviant Busters, or tilt and lean your way through Gravity Daze with the six-axis motion feature.
  • Work with the Little Deviants to boost your scores and move up the Liveboard.
  • Play alone or with up to 8 players via Pass Around multiplayer mode.
  • Easy to play mini-game action suitable for all ages comes to PlayStation Vita.
  • Games included utilize all the innovative controls of PlayStation Vita including the front and rear touch pads, drag, tap, motion sensing functionality, and the rear camera.
  • Enjoy a varied gameplay experience of over 30 games/levels.
  • Play alone or with up to eight players on a single console via Pass Around multiplayer mode.
  • Work with the Little Deviants to boost your scores and move up the PSN leaderboards.

PS Vita Wallpapers

On being the owner of PS Vista, the first thing that comes into your mind is to start customizing it. For this purpose, there are numerous websites available that let you download hundreds of wallpapers and themes for PS Vista for free. Here we are going to throw light upon some of the best 5 PS Vita wallpapers site.

The PS Vita is a successor of the PlayStation Portable manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. People around the world are huge fans of this gadget. It gives them the exhilarating experience of eighth generation of gaming. One of the exciting features of PS Vita is that apart from the exciting applications, the display is customizable meaning that one can easily display images for lock screen and different panels of applications and games.

It is advised to download wallpapers from legal authorised sites rather than any random website for safety reasons. Also, one can visit the PlayStation forum for advice from fellow owners about wallpapers and themes.

The official PS Vita website is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to downloading your favourite images. There are over a hundred options available on for enthusiasts to choose from. This includes PS movie shots from PS Vita games images like Pursuit Force and Dragon BallZ. is a site created for Downloading free PS Vita themes, and wallpapers.  Their library keeps growing by day.  You will find wallpaper categories such as anime, gaming, comics, sexy girls, landmarks, cars and more.  Please have a looksie at this great site. offers a huge gallery of pictures. The wallpapers are categorized into alphabetical categories like artistic, nature, music and wrestling. One can browse though the gallery and download images for free. The process is quite simple and hassle free too. offers a plethora of options when it comes to wallpapers along with an excellent choice for getting all PS Vita related information. Also, it lets the users create their own wallpapers and share them with the other visitors. One can use wallpapers created by other users for their PS Vita as well. offers wallpapers suited for different age brackets. It not only provides dozens of gaming images that are surely going to make any game lover’s day, but it also provides simple step-by-step instruction about how to set these wallpapers on your newly owned prized possession. offers wallpapers in HD resolution which ensures that this expensive gadget does not look cheap because of gaudy customizations.

For changing the wallpaper settings, one just needs to tap the icon and hold it for the edit menu to appear. The wallpaper icon can be seen on the lower right corner of your PS Vita.

Top 10 PS Vita Apps

The highly anticipated PS Vita is here to quench all the game addicts across the globe. People have pre-ordered their devices so that they do not have to wait for another few days. The excitement around this gadget is gripping. With the range of games and applications that are on offer, anybody would be addicted the PS Vita. Here is the list of top 10 PS Vita apps.

Near: This application is going to change the way you play games and connect with your friends. It lets you find out the highest rated games by connecting to the PlayStation Network. Also, you can log into real-life locations to leave gifts for your fellow gamers.

Group messaging: This is another novel way to connect with your friends. Group Messaging lets you stay in touch with PlayStation Network friends through PSN message. It allows you to converse with multiple friends at a time and lets you send updates and even pictures.

Friends: This application lets you view what all your friends are up to on a single display, with their recent updates, recently played games, activities, trophies and their profiles. The interactive and eye-catchy display is another plus one for this application.

Out and about: This application is used for finding out other gamers in the area, and to invite them to play with you.

Discoveries: This is an interesting application for PS Vita. It lets you connect with their friends who are playing your highest rated games. This application is also used for sending and receiving gifts.

Party: The voice and text chatting application, party, lets you talk to at most 8 friends at a time, no matter what you are doing. It lets you set up multiplayer games and chat with other party members while you are playing games.

PlayStation Store: this is undoubtedly going to be on the list of the best PS Vita applications. It lets you download hundreds of exciting applications and your favourite games to your PS Vita.

Photos and camera: This app allows you to take pictures with your PS Vita, utilizing the front and back cameras. Take a jump into augmented reality with this exciting app!

Music: This application can be used to play your favourite tunes which must be transferred to PS Vita via the computer.

Facebook: You can use the facebook app to update your status on your facebook profile via Vita.

When will the PS Vita price drop?

North American retail shelves have been hit by PlayStation Vita last month, a latest product by Sony. PS Vita is definitely an attractive and an efficient piece of hardware, but in spite of all these whistles and bells, the console is not selling like hot cakes in Japan over the last year.

The new portable device is expected to experience the similar pattern of sales in West as in Japan, which was predicted a beginning boom but it was a quick fall in the further sales. The Vita was launched in U.S. and Europe some time ago. The initial launch was quite a successful one with a sale of around 320,000 units in first week only, but subsequently in second week it dropped to just 70,000. Including sales in since its launch last year, a total of 1.2 units have been sold. Nintendo 3DS overpowered its sales over the peak time of Christmas, which shifted around 482,000 units on the week of launch.

Do you think Vita’s recent pricing is too expensive for you?

The analysts think that even if the console is selling quite well, a price deduction is required. The console has been launched, keeping in mind the requirement of mobile device capable of providing a combination of social connectivity with the real world and rich gaming.

Vodafone has started booking orders at $419, which includes a memory card of 4 GB and prepaid 3G data of 200 MB for the 3G version. The vita has been released in Australia on 23rd of Feb. The price set by Sony was originally $449.95. Earlier, Sony was quite adamant and firm that there will be no such requirement of a price cut in the same manner as in the case of Nintendo 3DS. Sony also announced that it was a lot happy with the price they had set. The best way that Sony should take as thought by research firm, is a price drop of the normal version to at least $180, which will most probably shoot the sales to a mark of $2.2 billion (expected sale of 12.4 units) over the world in the upcoming year.

However, now the company is bound to consider a price cut in time. The price cuts have not been officially announced by Sony, but it is expected to have a slash of prices of the 3G model up to 20%. We just need to wait and observe what happens.

What is PS Vita 3g, and How it Works

The most awaited and intensely talked version about gaming portal PS-Vita, the PS-VITA 3G has just arrived. The youngest member of the PlayStation clan is equipped with the latest technology, 3G network support from AT&T. The model of latest version looks exactly like the previous model except for the fact that it supports the 3G network. Crashing speed, direct streams and real time gaming are the features that you will experience and that to without even visiting the AT&T office.

The most admirable part is that you do not need to contact AT&T for upgrading your network. All that can be done very comfortably. Choose the “network operator” option on the hand held device. On selecting this option, you will be able to drop out of the Wi-Fi connectivity and the robust device will sync with AT&T 3G services. A form will pop –up, asking to fill in the basic details, choose the best suitable plan for yourself and here you go! The add-ons with 3G are very accurate. You can use real time dynamics, instant updates of scores on the socials, multiplayer gaming and much more on your way with 3G PS-Vita. The service will let you stay updated with scores, rankings and news feed.

While using this device, you can stay connected to the socials; play game challenges and cross text. You can log in to the Vita website to download all new games and titles for even better gaming experience at any point of time. There are some issues related to 3G that you might notice. With a 3G plan activated on the portal, you receive a 250MB data free for the usage. For the same log-in and then see ‘my devices and plans’. You will be asked to redeem the 250MB, any moment you wish to make use of it feel free.

On the other hand, AT&T will provide a digital copy of Super Star Dust Delta bundle, the newly released gaming sensation with full features and DLC. Whenever you wish to check the data usages, just follow this; go to ‘my devices and plans’. It will list the devices currently under 3G service. For the device you want to know the data usage give it a click. For 3G service issues contact AT&T on their helpline. With multitudes of facilities, PS-VITA 3G has hit the markets hard. So all you gaming freaks set yourself to explore the true meaning of real time gaming.

Unhackable PS Vita|PS Vita CFW

You might have heard this news from your friend or the internet that there are some developments for hacking the PS Vita. There are a lot of videos that you will find on the internet to prove that PS vita is hack-able by using a chip and USB dongle. But the reality is it is an un-hackable PS vita device.

Debugging or using the PS3 in debug mode is exactly what the PS hacking videos are proving. Hackers show that how to play PS games from hard drive by copying games from actual disc. By debugging the PS device, you can run its unsigned codes. Purpose of these systems is to perform the testing but would give the benefit to PS gamers because this way you cannot connect to PlayStation network. The hack is based on software and appears to be authenticated. Due to this, it can easily be overturned by Sony with the help of the simple patches. As the patches come out so you will need to update the modes to hack device. Well! This is a great gaming new, and it is really dangerous for developers of Sony devices who spend their time and effort in order to make a perfect game.

More videos are spreading over the internet, and Sony needs to work fast to handle these hackers. But this news would not be a surprise if Sony had revealed this face and have decided to stop the hacker fire before it spreads everywhere.

 Final thought about hackable PS Vita|PS Vita CFW

The PSN would never exist if the tricks of PS hackers work. Sony has launched a firmware update for its customer and yes, now you can get a separate PS for this purpose. Everyone from you does not have good internet speed in order to download a full-blown Blu-ray image. The easiest and convenient way is to copy a game directly to your PS Vita device, but then you will face issue of hard drive storage space.

Sony can give you space up to a certain size just like the Microsoft but in file transferring that would give you the facility to transfer files of games back and forth from HDD to HDD. By exposing the hack to the public has both negative and positive aspects but negatives will greatly affect the progress in due time. According to Sony Company, PS Vita will remain unhackable like its predecessor.

PS Vita's Pros and Cons

A lot of people when they hear about the new interesting gaming console from Sony; The PS vita, they wonder if they should buy the PlayStation Vita device or not. No doubt, the PS Vita is really sweet, but you should not decide to purchase it without thinking about pertinent factors. There are a lot of things that you will need to consider before you go purchasing this device. Foremost thing to consider is whether you have much money to get a Vita device. You should consider the cost of games, memory card and other accessories. Also make sure that you will use your new device once you purchase it. Last thing that you need to check is whether the PS Vita contains best gaming choices that you like the most. Below are Vita’ Pros and cons that will help you to decide that this new device is good for you or bad for you.

Gaming costs:

The console of gaming is as good as the games that are present in PS Vita. Even if you get the first edition bundle, it will be enough to give you entertainment. Long while you will desire to get the new games. If you purchase up to five new Vita games, then you will add $90 to $250 more.

Data costs:

If you have Wi-Fi only Vita device, you do not need to worry about costs of data. You will need to give normal price for your wireless system that you already have. It will cost the same on PS Vita as other devices by depending on the package that you are using. You will have to pay from $15 to $25 per month.

Accessory costs:

Normally, this thing is optional in PS Vita device but there is an only thing you really want to purchase from a lot of options, and that is the memory card. If you want to take some patches or any downloaded data, then you will need a memory card in your device. One Con for Vita memory card is that unfortunately it will set its customer back from $10 to $100.

Always consider the available games:

If you are a game lover, and you go to purchase a new device, you prefer a device containing the variety of games in it. Luckily, Sony’ PS Vita device contains bundles of available games in its bag. It includes everything from puzzle games to fighting and shooting games. The controls offer you different option to play your favorite games. But if you want to enjoy more games, you will have to pay extra charges to purchase them.

Face Recognition for the PS Vita

Just recently Sony showed the world their work on face recognition for the recently release in US of the PS Vita.  This takes us to Japan; as you can tell from the video seen below.  You can tell it is a video chatting conference using their custom avatars made to mimic their facial expressions.  Of course, it is a fun idea when the device not only imitates the head movement, but also smiles, winks, happy, sad, and more facial expressions.

As seen on the video, perhaps Sony will need to do some more work on eyelids.  Here shows too much and sometimes uneven when not desired.  Overall looks a bit weird, but we think this tech can improve in the future.

PS Vita Honest Console Review

PS Vita console review shows that Sony’s PS vita is the most powerful, amazing, impressive and dazzling console games that built ever. It is packed with two quad core processors, touch screen with 5 inches capable to display OLED, dual analogue stick controlling functions and games that no any portable device is capable to represent. Sony’s PS Vita guarantees that it will show the new gaming world along with the portable console that is quite similar to the domesticated PlayStation 3. When PlayStation portable introduced to the world, the landscape of gaming was different with the current time. PS Vita's console promises to give more than what you want really in games.

The basics:

Despite new wonderful game, PS Vita is the updated version that appeared in Sony PSP legacy with a lot of evolutions in previous version. Basically, it does not seem different from its predecessors but in this version, there is a wolf in clothing of sheep. It has a veritable fire breathing monster rather than those long dead in the sky. The curved oval shape moves back and measures 7.2 inches from one end to another. This is the biggest handheld launched by Sony as compared to predecessors. It is 3.3 inches long and 0.73 inches wide. 5-inc OLED screen of the device is as big as the complete PSP Go console screen was. This Wi-Fi model is just 260g, which mean that it is 20 g lighter than the original model smaller PSP 1000.

On the table:

The front side of the PS Vita console is an extensive array of hardware delights. Classic D-Pad is attached to the left side of the console screen. You will also find a left speaker, left analogue stick and PS home button on this side. Right side of the screen contains square buttons, X buttons, classic PlayStation triangle, right analogue stick, 0. 3MP camera with front face feature, select button, starts button and right speaker. You might be familiar with these all functions as these are already present in previous version. You will not find trigger buttons that you’d see over PS3 dual shock controller device. On/off button, PS Vita card slot and volume controls are present between the shoulders.

Major issue:

Some people find only one issue that cropping right and stick is very near to the X button and when they play racing games, they accidentally press on the button or swipe of the right hand stick.

How to Use the PS Vita Facebook App

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is a handheld 3G game console manufactured by Sony. This fantastic device has broken down the traditional boundaries of gaming around the world. Finally, Sony has successfully released the Facebook application on PlayStation Vita handheld game console for its users. PS Vita Facebook app allows users to get the benefit of social networking without fetching the interface on the browser of PS Vita. Once you have got this app, you can connect with your friends at any time; you can update your posts and much more. Sony’s PS vita also offers few other mobile apps that are so common these days such as flicker, Netflix player and twitter.

How to download Facebook app:
You can get Facebook app for your PS Vita device without spending your money. These steps will show you how to download PS Vita Facebook app:

  • Go to Home screen and click on blue color PS store icon.
  • Tap Start button at the middle of the LiveArea.
  • On the next screen you will see a list of options. Select Apps options to get PS vita applications.
  • Scroll down to Facebook's option and tap your finger on this button.
  • Click on “Download” button. Once you select this option, your device will automatically download and install Facebook app on last page of device Home Screen. Please note that you must have 44. 75MB-free free space on your device in order to use this app.

How to use Facebook app:

Before the start, make sure that your PS vita device is connected to the internet wit 3G network or Wi-Fi connection. As you have already installed Facebook app from the PS vita application store, so you will find its icons on Home screen. Click on Facebook's icon, it will open Facebook application. Tap start button in the middle of the LiveArea. To use this app, you must be a registered user of Facebook. Now write Facebook email address and password in text fields to open Facebook's interface. If you do not have Facebook account, then you will have to navigate to for registration. Once you are logged in, you will be directed to your Facebook feed. Now it’s the time to share with your friends that how amazing your new PS vita device is.

How to navigate to Facebook app:

Navigation and data entry are performed by using the front touch screen of your PS Vita device. After sign in, you will be moved to your Facebook feed. Tap on your profile picture located at the top right side of the screen to get your Facebook page. To save your time, you can directly fetch your message or photos by choosing the appropriate option on Facebook LiveArea.