PS Vita Wallpapers

On being the owner of PS Vista, the first thing that comes into your mind is to start customizing it. For this purpose, there are numerous websites available that let you download hundreds of wallpapers and themes for PS Vista for free. Here we are going to throw light upon some of the best 5 PS Vita wallpapers site.

The PS Vita is a successor of the PlayStation Portable manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. People around the world are huge fans of this gadget. It gives them the exhilarating experience of eighth generation of gaming. One of the exciting features of PS Vita is that apart from the exciting applications, the display is customizable meaning that one can easily display images for lock screen and different panels of applications and games.

It is advised to download wallpapers from legal authorised sites rather than any random website for safety reasons. Also, one can visit the PlayStation forum for advice from fellow owners about wallpapers and themes.

The official PS Vita website is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to downloading your favourite images. There are over a hundred options available on for enthusiasts to choose from. This includes PS movie shots from PS Vita games images like Pursuit Force and Dragon BallZ. is a site created for Downloading free PS Vita themes, and wallpapers.  Their library keeps growing by day.  You will find wallpaper categories such as anime, gaming, comics, sexy girls, landmarks, cars and more.  Please have a looksie at this great site. offers a huge gallery of pictures. The wallpapers are categorized into alphabetical categories like artistic, nature, music and wrestling. One can browse though the gallery and download images for free. The process is quite simple and hassle free too. offers a plethora of options when it comes to wallpapers along with an excellent choice for getting all PS Vita related information. Also, it lets the users create their own wallpapers and share them with the other visitors. One can use wallpapers created by other users for their PS Vita as well. offers wallpapers suited for different age brackets. It not only provides dozens of gaming images that are surely going to make any game lover’s day, but it also provides simple step-by-step instruction about how to set these wallpapers on your newly owned prized possession. offers wallpapers in HD resolution which ensures that this expensive gadget does not look cheap because of gaudy customizations.

For changing the wallpaper settings, one just needs to tap the icon and hold it for the edit menu to appear. The wallpaper icon can be seen on the lower right corner of your PS Vita.

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