Super Monkey Ball by Sega - PS Vita Exclusive Trailer

Super Monkey Ball Vita Gameplay Trailer [HD]
Developer: Sega
Release: TBA
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PSV
Publisher: SCEA
Super Monkey Ball for PS Vita lets players lose themselves in new vibrant worlds as they twist and turn while aiming to collect every banana in the fastest time possible. The game contains three new gameplay choices including single-player puzzle levels, Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. These modes also give players the chance to compete via wireless connection with up to four players!

Reality Fighters Trailer

Fight as yourself anywhere and any time on PS Vita.

Battle in the real world via augmented reality - pick a location, point your PS Vita system at it and off you go!

Win a fight to claim your opponent's character, and then build yourself a collection of the craziest combatants ever seen.

Upload your post-fight images to Facebook, unlock new fighting styles, weapons and costumes or share your fighters, photos and items with friends using the PS Vita system's Near location service.

Uncharted Golden Abyss Trailer (gamescom 2011)

Uncover the dark secret behind the massacre of a Spanish expedition to Central America 400 years ago.

Join Nathan Drake on an epic journey through undiscovered lands as he makes his debut on PS Vita.
Utilize all the intuitive controls of PS Vita to jump, swing, slide and traverse through a cinematic adventure displayed in amazing detail on the stunning OLED screen.
Complete deadly missions using either the dual analog sticks and buttons or the PS Vita system's interactive control features to best complement your playing style

PS Vita Teaser - Handheld Features

Augmented reality and tagging (not mentioned on this video) are features of the PS Vita I am more looking forward to.

Unit 13 Trailer

Welcome to Unit 13: the military elite, the toughest of the tough.

Play through scenarios that echo real-life news headlines and infiltrate some of the most challenging war zones a soldier can ever face.

Aim, fire and move with pinpoint precision using the PlayStation Vita system's dual analog sticks.

Adapt to objectives that change each day and invite a partner to join you in battle thanks to 3G connectivity and the two-player Co-op Mode.

PS Vita Virtual Tagging!

Virtual tagging.  Only a person with a PS Vita can clearly see the tag or message.  Its very awesome innovative idea that is completely an alternate way to vandalizing and do real tagging on subways, bus stops, schools etc...

I can just imagine the tags on a Mc.Donnalds, or any other food joint. "don't eat here" hahaha! well, still not sure if this will be a trend that will catch on as more people get the PS Vita.

I do wonder if tagging with the PS Vita will be only for buildings... perhaps vehicles and people as well? I wonder...

Virtua Tennis™ 4 Gameplay

The dazzling console tennis experience in the palm of your hand.

Play unbelievable shots using precise, intuitive touch controls across all game modes -- including the two-player Touch Versus option on one system

Wow international tennis fans on your journey from zero to hero in a full career mode
Choose from 22 top players, 33 stunning stadiums and ten addictive mini-games.
Share stats, chat and play online matches via PlayStation Network, and upload your own face into the game using the front camera.

Sound Shapes PS Vita Gameplay

Sound Shapes is a cute little game for the Playstation Vita.  A fun level acquiring game with music creation innovation.  Not your typical game to describe.  So you make music and also make game levels.  The gameplay here is brief.  You select levels by placing the needle of the old time record player.  Campaigns are divided into records.  There are 5, or 6 records, each of the record containing 3 to 5 game levels.  Each campaign will have its own music, and art theme.  The controls are simple: roll and jump are the main functions of the game.

Seems like the beginning of this video was had just too much brightness, so it is kinda hard to see anything there.  Well, overall this game seems like a ton of fun.  Hope you do enjoy it if you decide to make this your own.