Sound Shapes PS Vita Gameplay

Sound Shapes is a cute little game for the Playstation Vita.  A fun level acquiring game with music creation innovation.  Not your typical game to describe.  So you make music and also make game levels.  The gameplay here is brief.  You select levels by placing the needle of the old time record player.  Campaigns are divided into records.  There are 5, or 6 records, each of the record containing 3 to 5 game levels.  Each campaign will have its own music, and art theme.  The controls are simple: roll and jump are the main functions of the game.

Seems like the beginning of this video was had just too much brightness, so it is kinda hard to see anything there.  Well, overall this game seems like a ton of fun.  Hope you do enjoy it if you decide to make this your own.  

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