Top 10 PS Vita Apps

The highly anticipated PS Vita is here to quench all the game addicts across the globe. People have pre-ordered their devices so that they do not have to wait for another few days. The excitement around this gadget is gripping. With the range of games and applications that are on offer, anybody would be addicted the PS Vita. Here is the list of top 10 PS Vita apps.

Near: This application is going to change the way you play games and connect with your friends. It lets you find out the highest rated games by connecting to the PlayStation Network. Also, you can log into real-life locations to leave gifts for your fellow gamers.

Group messaging: This is another novel way to connect with your friends. Group Messaging lets you stay in touch with PlayStation Network friends through PSN message. It allows you to converse with multiple friends at a time and lets you send updates and even pictures.

Friends: This application lets you view what all your friends are up to on a single display, with their recent updates, recently played games, activities, trophies and their profiles. The interactive and eye-catchy display is another plus one for this application.

Out and about: This application is used for finding out other gamers in the area, and to invite them to play with you.

Discoveries: This is an interesting application for PS Vita. It lets you connect with their friends who are playing your highest rated games. This application is also used for sending and receiving gifts.

Party: The voice and text chatting application, party, lets you talk to at most 8 friends at a time, no matter what you are doing. It lets you set up multiplayer games and chat with other party members while you are playing games.

PlayStation Store: this is undoubtedly going to be on the list of the best PS Vita applications. It lets you download hundreds of exciting applications and your favourite games to your PS Vita.

Photos and camera: This app allows you to take pictures with your PS Vita, utilizing the front and back cameras. Take a jump into augmented reality with this exciting app!

Music: This application can be used to play your favourite tunes which must be transferred to PS Vita via the computer.

Facebook: You can use the facebook app to update your status on your facebook profile via Vita.

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