PS Vita vs PSP 3000

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. With video games people can enjoy many types of games that are best for their interests and preferences. Games such as first person shooters, role playing games and sports games are among the most popular. There are many platforms to play games on such as consoles and handheld devices. Two of the most common and highest quality handheld gaming devices are the Playstation Portable (PSP) and the Playstation Vita. Both offer many benefits and have their distinct advantages.

When it comes to graphics and sound, the PS Vita has the edge. The device features a quad core ARM Cortex A-9 CPU along with a quad core power processor. With this feature the quality of graphics is outstanding and provides players with a top quality gaming experience. PS Vita can also display 960 x 544 pixels in 16 million colors on a 5 inch screen. The PSP was introuced back in 2004 and featured a CPU that ran on 333MHz and a GPU that operated at 480 x 272 pixels on a LCD screen. At the time this was state of the art and was of superior quality but now it is obsolete compared to the newer and more advanced PS Vita. Both devices had built in stereo speakers.

When it comes to portability the PS Vita and PS 3000 are equally convenient for people looking to play games on the go. The PS 3000 is smaller and more compact due to a smaller screen and shorter length. The PSP 3000 is 6.7 inches in length, 2.8 inches in height and weighs 189 grams. With the PS Vita, the device is 7.2 inches in width and 3.3 inches in height and it is also more thin than the PSP 3000. The battery life on both devices is 4-5 hours.

Both devices have their unique compatibility characteristics. The PSP 3000 uses a Universal Media Disc format and it is therefore compatible with all PSP games in this particular format. This device also allows the downloading of games from the Playstation store and can easily be saved with a memory stick. Due to having new hardware, the PS Vita won't operate on any previous PSP models. However the PS Vita is backwards compatible and wil be able to allow people to download games from the Playstation store. The PS Vita is also compatible with Playstation Suite.

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