Unhackable PS Vita|PS Vita CFW

You might have heard this news from your friend or the internet that there are some developments for hacking the PS Vita. There are a lot of videos that you will find on the internet to prove that PS vita is hack-able by using a chip and USB dongle. But the reality is it is an un-hackable PS vita device.

Debugging or using the PS3 in debug mode is exactly what the PS hacking videos are proving. Hackers show that how to play PS games from hard drive by copying games from actual disc. By debugging the PS device, you can run its unsigned codes. Purpose of these systems is to perform the testing but would give the benefit to PS gamers because this way you cannot connect to PlayStation network. The hack is based on software and appears to be authenticated. Due to this, it can easily be overturned by Sony with the help of the simple patches. As the patches come out so you will need to update the modes to hack device. Well! This is a great gaming new, and it is really dangerous for developers of Sony devices who spend their time and effort in order to make a perfect game.

More videos are spreading over the internet, and Sony needs to work fast to handle these hackers. But this news would not be a surprise if Sony had revealed this face and have decided to stop the hacker fire before it spreads everywhere.

 Final thought about hackable PS Vita|PS Vita CFW

The PSN would never exist if the tricks of PS hackers work. Sony has launched a firmware update for its customer and yes, now you can get a separate PS for this purpose. Everyone from you does not have good internet speed in order to download a full-blown Blu-ray image. The easiest and convenient way is to copy a game directly to your PS Vita device, but then you will face issue of hard drive storage space.

Sony can give you space up to a certain size just like the Microsoft but in file transferring that would give you the facility to transfer files of games back and forth from HDD to HDD. By exposing the hack to the public has both negative and positive aspects but negatives will greatly affect the progress in due time. According to Sony Company, PS Vita will remain unhackable like its predecessor.


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