What is PS Vita 3g, and How it Works

The most awaited and intensely talked version about gaming portal PS-Vita, the PS-VITA 3G has just arrived. The youngest member of the PlayStation clan is equipped with the latest technology, 3G network support from AT&T. The model of latest version looks exactly like the previous model except for the fact that it supports the 3G network. Crashing speed, direct streams and real time gaming are the features that you will experience and that to without even visiting the AT&T office.

The most admirable part is that you do not need to contact AT&T for upgrading your network. All that can be done very comfortably. Choose the “network operator” option on the hand held device. On selecting this option, you will be able to drop out of the Wi-Fi connectivity and the robust device will sync with AT&T 3G services. A form will pop –up, asking to fill in the basic details, choose the best suitable plan for yourself and here you go! The add-ons with 3G are very accurate. You can use real time dynamics, instant updates of scores on the socials, multiplayer gaming and much more on your way with 3G PS-Vita. The service will let you stay updated with scores, rankings and news feed.

While using this device, you can stay connected to the socials; play game challenges and cross text. You can log in to the Vita website to download all new games and titles for even better gaming experience at any point of time. There are some issues related to 3G that you might notice. With a 3G plan activated on the portal, you receive a 250MB data free for the usage. For the same log-in and then see ‘my devices and plans’. You will be asked to redeem the 250MB, any moment you wish to make use of it feel free.

On the other hand, AT&T will provide a digital copy of Super Star Dust Delta bundle, the newly released gaming sensation with full features and DLC. Whenever you wish to check the data usages, just follow this; go to ‘my devices and plans’. It will list the devices currently under 3G service. For the device you want to know the data usage give it a click. For 3G service issues contact AT&T on their helpline. With multitudes of facilities, PS-VITA 3G has hit the markets hard. So all you gaming freaks set yourself to explore the true meaning of real time gaming.

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