PS Vita Honest Console Review

PS Vita console review shows that Sony’s PS vita is the most powerful, amazing, impressive and dazzling console games that built ever. It is packed with two quad core processors, touch screen with 5 inches capable to display OLED, dual analogue stick controlling functions and games that no any portable device is capable to represent. Sony’s PS Vita guarantees that it will show the new gaming world along with the portable console that is quite similar to the domesticated PlayStation 3. When PlayStation portable introduced to the world, the landscape of gaming was different with the current time. PS Vita's console promises to give more than what you want really in games.

The basics:

Despite new wonderful game, PS Vita is the updated version that appeared in Sony PSP legacy with a lot of evolutions in previous version. Basically, it does not seem different from its predecessors but in this version, there is a wolf in clothing of sheep. It has a veritable fire breathing monster rather than those long dead in the sky. The curved oval shape moves back and measures 7.2 inches from one end to another. This is the biggest handheld launched by Sony as compared to predecessors. It is 3.3 inches long and 0.73 inches wide. 5-inc OLED screen of the device is as big as the complete PSP Go console screen was. This Wi-Fi model is just 260g, which mean that it is 20 g lighter than the original model smaller PSP 1000.

On the table:

The front side of the PS Vita console is an extensive array of hardware delights. Classic D-Pad is attached to the left side of the console screen. You will also find a left speaker, left analogue stick and PS home button on this side. Right side of the screen contains square buttons, X buttons, classic PlayStation triangle, right analogue stick, 0. 3MP camera with front face feature, select button, starts button and right speaker. You might be familiar with these all functions as these are already present in previous version. You will not find trigger buttons that you’d see over PS3 dual shock controller device. On/off button, PS Vita card slot and volume controls are present between the shoulders.

Major issue:

Some people find only one issue that cropping right and stick is very near to the X button and when they play racing games, they accidentally press on the button or swipe of the right hand stick.

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