Sony PS Vita & Nintendo 3DS | Fair Comparison

Some comparison's for the Sony PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS are. They both have rear & front facing camera's, they both have a microphone. With dimensions the Vita is heaver, the vita measures in at 18.2cm long by 7.3cm. While the 3DS is only 13.4cm long by 7.3cm. If the 3DS and the Vita both got released at the same time they would cost the same price which would be $230, but right now since the 3DS has been out for awhile you can normally find it for around $120 right now so when the Vita is released it will be $230.

 The Vita definitely wins with the screen display unless you like 3D, the Vita has a five inch OLED screen which is great because of the bright colors and contrast, the 3DS has two screen's though while the Vita only has one screen, but that one screen is extremely powerful, While it wins with everything expect for it does not have the 3D mode.

With the battery of the both, Vita wins that also being able to play for an estimated five hours, while the 3DS is only good for between 3-4 hours. With special features it's going to depend on the person itself because people enjoy the fact that you can play the 3DS without glasses, but the Vita has a much bigger display part, the Vita also has a more detailed setup for controllers it has two analogue sticks.

I would personally recommended the Sony PS Vita I think it would be a much more appealing one because it's going to be newer, i think it will have more action games because with the PS3 console and the PSP, those had a lot of action games. It also seems relevant to the PSP because it looks the same & has a lot of the same things. It also has a touch pad on the back, where the 3DS does not have that. But the one thing that i really like about the Vita is how it has the nice clear big touch screen display and the dual analog sticks.

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