Playstation Vita Launch Price

The Playstation Vita is Sony's next highly anticipated gaming device that is expected to hit the market after Christmas this year. The price at launch is announced to be at $250 for a standard version, and $300 for a Vita with 3G capabilities. The Playstation Vita is expected to be the most advanced handheld gaming system to ever be released to the public, with crisp and amazing graphics combined with portability and innovative online functionality. However, the pricing is considered to be too steep, especially compared to that of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo's other handheld systems.

Nintendo's innovative 3DS has recently been cut in price from $250 to $170. Does this pressure Sony to reduce the launch price of their newest piece of gaming technology? Many people believe so, as Nintendo is Sony's major handheld gaming competitor. After the general failure of the expensive PSP Go, many people may not have enough confidence left in Sony to drop $250-$300 on a new portable gaming system. The PSP Go essentially failed mostly due to its lack of compatibility with standard UMDs which were the game media used on the original PSP. The PSP Go only allowed digital content, and while the media has not been announced yet for the Playstation Vita, it will likely be different from the original PSP's media, meaning people will once again have to let their old UMDs sit around and collect dust if they purchase the Playstation Vita.

The Playstation Vita will be the most expensive portable gaming system released to date if its steep price remains. While prices of new and innovative gaming systems have been steadily increasing over the years, such as the Playstation 2 being released at $400 and the Playstation 3 being released at $600, the question remains: when will it be too much? What will be the gaming community's price limit on these new gaming systems? People may stop lining up at midnight for the newest gadgets if these trends continue, especially if these new gaming systems do not prove to be worth their price. It will all come down to how well Sony markets their new device, and how well Nintendo can keep Sony at bay for whether or not Sony will lower the price for their next big gadget.

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