PS Vita Vs. PSP Game Prices

Sony has a long standing popular game platform. The Sony game phenomenon started with the original PlayStation 1 followed by the PlayStation 2 and most recently the PlayStation 3. During this span of time Sony has taken the plunge into the gaming territory that was only occupied by Nintendo.

Released in 2003, the PlayStation Portable, also known as the PSP, was a wild success. A couple other variations on the PSP, including the PSP 3000, were introduced to the market. Now being eight years old in technology but still popular, Sony has introduced its new handheld system, the PS Vita. This system is set to be released in early 2012, and has high expectations.

Whenever a game console or highly anticipated game is released, it is generally at the highest price point that it will ever be at. This is partly due to high consumer demand and a small quantity available. Another reason it is a higher price would be due to high consumer anticipation and good reviews from game magazines or other resources. Classic games that have been out of production for a couple years can garnish a high price; however, in the immediate market, the price will lower one demand goes down and supply goes up. The PS Vita is set to be released at $249.99, which is significantly higher than the PlayStation Portable.

A new PSP will set you back somewhere around $130.00 to $150.00. The PS Vita games look to be double in price or even more in comparison to the PSP. Hot Shot Golf on the PSP will cost around $19.99 new and even less if bought pre-owned. The same game on the PS Vita will cost around $39.99 new. Little Big Planet on the PS Vita will cost somewhere around $39.99; on the PSP it will cost about $20.00 new. Another option that makes the PlayStation Portable more affordable is that thousands of games are offered as pre-owned options. Being a new system, The Vita has no pre-owned options at this point, although that will eventually change. Although the PS Vita looks to be a more expensive system for the moment, within a couple years the system will probably balance out to be about equal to what the PlayStation Portable costs right now.

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