Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus - The Review for PS Vita

Ninja Gaiden is the title which every action game fan need to play. This game keeps re-releasing, improving, porting and polishing it. In PlayStation Vita’s launch, deadliest ninja again graces the players with his presence. It is a superior version of the most famous adventure. This game will be a port of Sigma and it is an improved port of Ninja Gaiden Black. Ninja Gaiden Black is an enhanced side of Ninja Gaiden. The Sigma Plus is nice port of iconic action games.

Ryu Hayabusa is ninja and he spent the game by flipping out and killing their enemies. Whether it is evil soldiers or other ninjas or demonic Fiends, Hayabusa dispatches then with the combo attacks & lightning fast swordplay. It is a Sigma version of the Ninja Gaiden. It is well-known for being an intense, and it is difficult action game which tests the player’s patience and skills. This game is not meant for everyone and this game is designed for the players who learn to manage the art of ninjutsu.

Ninja Gaiden looks good on PlayStation Vita. It is basically HD port of Xbox game, but ninja game runs quickly and smoothly. It has a good graphics which attracts the eyes of the players. The presentation of this version is fine and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will get additional goodies such as trials and weapons. The players can enjoy the game by music. The players need to win the game and then they will go to the next stage. The scores will be compared with other players and finally the players who get high score will be rewarded.

For PlayStation Vita port, Tecmo Koei has added touch screen controls for the things such as projectile attacks that make shooting and aiming easier by allowing the players to tap their enemies and shoot arrows or hurl shuriken. It is transferred to rear touch panel that will likely be hit and it is useful for the players to play the game easily.

The players can shoot the fireball by tapping the touch screen. It has a subpar camera which makes the players to experience the game in every stage. The game will be loaded quickly and the players can play the game at any time. The players can select their game levels like easy, medium and difficult. When the players complete the entire game, then they get a chance to know the full story.

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