Best Outstanding Games for the PS Vita

With the launch of Vita version of PlayStation handheld console from Sony, the game creators have given some of the real blasters which have forced game lovers to go for the kit to have all the excitements in their pocket. PS Vita is on no way less than the PlayStation 3 of Sony giving the same sessional effects to the players. Either you love driving games or you are a die-hard fan of individual fights; strategy games or just flash-toon games, all the fun is available over PS Vita. When it comes to role playing games, PS Vita offers some of the breath taking games in your hand over the console. Best RPG games for the PS Vita will go for a long debate but some of the games which hold the best rankings are as under.

Uncharted - Golden Abyss

The Golden Abyss version of the Uncharted series is the perfect choice for a third person action adventure lover for playing games on PS Vita. Developed by Sony own upfront- Bend Studio, the Golden Abyss continues the journey of Nathan Drake solving mysteries and puzzles through-out the journey of play. Magnificent virtual ambience with realistic gaming console handlers is the key of the great success of this game. The full exercise with normal and advanced weapon list in the game makes the fantasy revealing true experience when playing Uncharted-Golden Abyss for PS Vita. Also, the version has improved advancements over the previous series in which the lead character has been gifted with new sidekicks, chase and drag features.

Escape Plan

This puzzle solving game for PS vita is though very simple in looks but its easy play rules and creative black and white game ambience strikes through many game lovers giving it a position in top charts. Escape plan is all about two guys garnished with different physical attributes, get locked in a room, and the gamer has to get them out of the room implanting various strategies. The all black and white look of the game makes it interesting which a gamer might not found in other games with eye depressing colours.


It is another featured game under social action RPG section which has gone ahead of many big names to score a position in top charts. A social action niche- Ruin is one of its kinds which utilize the connectivity feature of PS Vita to the fullest. The developers of Ruin have gone through the basic understandings of the gamers, and have given the feature to play on both PS3 and Vita with a sharing mode option. So if you are at home you can stick to your PS3 and if you need to leave on journey but you do not want to leave Ruin behind, just take the PS Vita and continue your progress through your journey.

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