Top Driving Games for the PS Vita

With the launch of its new PlayStation Gaming Console – PS Vita, Sony has tried to go miles ahead in the undeclared race of video handheld gaming. Incredible features with technologies which one can only dream is what one gets holding the handheld console from Sony. With different game categories including action, arcade, RPG, strategy, sports and many others, the handheld PS Vita console takes to the world of virtual reality with amazement of fun and excitement. But the game niche which takes the mind off on this handheld console is the driving games on which Sony has taken extra efforts to provide maximum thrill to the players. Here is a short review on some of the top driving games for the PS vita that one would like to go for without having any double thought.

F1 2011

The official online game partner of Formula one race- Codemaster was launched in the year 2011, the new version of F1 game with a thought to thrill the players while holding the console in the hand. The F1 2011 has gone above all boundaries to provide excitement to the players while being into the virtual race of the game. Giving the same or even better experience while playing F1 2011 on PS Vita than on the PlayStation fixed console series, the game surprises with its loops and virtual environment with easy navigations. The game is a real thunder for the driving game lovers.

ModNation Racers-RoadTrip

Another heart chilling driving sensation on PS Vita which has topped the chart in ranking is the ModNation Racers- RoadTrip version. The extension of the Modnation Racers 2 over PS3, the RoadTrip is specially designed for PS Vita giving a different feel with its unique racing styles, power boost ups and cartoon characters which a driving game player will not find in any of the other driving games. The best part with the game is that one can design one’s own track and laps with a unique feature-Track Creator.

WipeOut 2048

A driving thrill which takes the game environment in the core future of the year 2048 over a futuristic driving competition on flying bikes is what one will get in WipeOut 2048. Amazingly new futuristic track with fighting equipment like missiles and laser guns to kick out the competitors are the added excitement which makes this driving game a complete fun without any doubt and drags all game players.

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