The Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational - A PS Vita Overview

Hot Shots Golf series have fascinated number of gamers over many years. The main aim of the game is make golf as accessible as possible when preserving sport’s unique challenge. It employs cheery characters, colorful, relaxing music and upbeat attitude. The world invitational marks franchise’s debut on PlayStation Vita. It frustrates on various levels and offers reward for the efforts of the players.

Hot Shots Golf structure:

The world invitational repeats the setup of previous games. The challenges of single player will be served up in various groups of play. The groups consist of number of tournaments and ends up with a match against the rival golfer. The opponent can enter into the collection of playable golfers after they win the show.

Have fun in Hot Shots Golf:

The World Invitational includes numerous steps. For 1st few steps, surveying the courses, studying slopes, winds and hazards may take place. The players need to choose necessary club and shot their direction precedes to the actual swing. The players can execute their shot by pressing one button on a sliding gauge in order to set power. Second press is needed to choose curve or impact. The World Invitational has numerous shot systems, therefore the players can pick the best gauge which works well.

With the World Invitational, controlling the play functions need traditional button presses. The players can touch the shot indicator which is on the screen in order to bring up overhead map of particular area. There will a camera icon on the screen right side. When the players touch the icon, it will open by showing numerous chosen with a gesture.

The challenges in the Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational gives the players with points and it can be used in the game’s shop. With these points, the players can buy new characters, golf balls, clubs, outfits, and some other accessories in order to complement their experience. It gives greatest power during their final stage. When the players unlock more leagues, then they can earn gold stars in the tournaments. Every tournament features nine or eighteen-hole game and it pits the players against the virtual golfers. The players who get the best score will earn the gold stars.


Hot Spots Golf uses a huge range of PlayStation Vita system and it has rear and front touch for the preparation of shot, online tournaments, 3G asynchronous gameplay, and capability to view around the course in a real-time.

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