Lumines: Electronic Symphony - PS Vita Game Review

This game is best among all the of Music Puzzle game, which signifies the return of Q entertainment landmark Puzzle series, which bring together all addictive blocks dropping puzzle events, and all recent 3D graphic engine and few of the important names in music history. This game delivers the block of puzzles along with amazing music.

Across 43 levels – each level has its own background music, color scheme and a handful of playing modes; it merges the new songs with the old. The main objective of the game is to take the 2 blocks falling from the screen top and make several same colored squares as much as possible; it will disappear if the set of square appears with the same color.

At the end of each level, the player will appear in different positions with a different vibe, with background music. The music track includes a range of artists, involving the chemical brother, the beloved, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, System F and Pet shop boys.

Avatar tools are not the only touch controls in Lumines, the player can move and also they can spin blocks through the front touch screen. If player enthusiastic in game, they will get more blocks quicker. Touch controls give more flexibility to control and manipulate the blocks. The player also has the choice to valve the back touch pad to boost the avatar special features; this makes the player feel more interesting and enthusiastic to play the game. The Vita’s screen offers the clear graphic and music tones when playing. Lumines often appear crisper with the 3d visuals and dynamic music backgrounds.

Key aspects:
Star-studded Musical line-up:

It is famous for its bright electronic music, and the soundtrack, which is more entraining when playing. The music background in Lumines comprises of Mark Ronson, Chemical Brothers, LCD sound system, and Underworld.

New block procedure

At the first time, unique new block mechanism offers extra strategic options for players. The player can clear large block combos by the great chain block, and they can know to win the game in the short term by using all tools effectively.

All-new EXP scheme

The Lumines rewards player activity and investment by offering efficient player profile, state tracking, a deep information to win the game, which rewards each player’s play style.

Social experience

Lumines: Electronic Symphony social features will motivate player to play the game once gain. By playing the game continues, the player can earn experience points. The player can play the game until the screen is entirely full or they quit the game.

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