ModNation Racers: Road Trip - The PS Vita Console Review

Sony playstation has outstanding creation tools, and sharing capabilities, the player can play with their friends through the online integration features available. The player can easily find the content and share through internet access. It has excellent online integration and also has deep and pleasing game play. With recent touch controls, the player can make a new track within a second and they can share it with their friends.

ModNation Racer is an exciting game, which offers a set of tools to the player in order to create their own tracks, karts, and then they can easily share their creations with their friends in the online. These features are admirable, even the beginner can feel it easy to play. The ferociously energetic AI creates a single player career more exigent than it desired to be. However, playing game with friends through online create more fun and rewarding.

Once player played the first tutorial race, they are dropped into ModNation Racer central hub, which relate all of the play, construct, and share components of the game. The player can choose the game modes either by physically driving their car to the corresponding place on the hub or by browsing the menu system.

The player can share at any time, they can drive up by using buttons and they can press the square button to rate, browse, and download items. This is a brilliantly developed system, with seamless online sharing offering a stream of new information.

The gameplay is depend around Karting tacks- drafting and drifting are key, whole boost pads and power-up keep the action boring. ModNation Racers: Road Trip establishes different themes which are not similar to gameplay. The shield prevents the player from incoming attacks that are preceded by warning alarm bell. The aim of every race is to reach third level or above that unlocks the next trails in the series.

Key features:

  • Never ending tracks – player can access and enjoy 500,000 user produced tracks from anywhere they are.
  • Brand new career mode – Player should ready to take challenge of more than 20 new trails filled with three new weapon types (such as Ice, Fire, and earth) for the Kart’s offensive weapon store.
  • Introducing Mod traveler and Mod Miles – Keep in connection on the road by taking pictures of the Mod’s in exotic locations or getting mile when racing MNR tracks far away from home, both of that unlock rare and exceptional objects.
  • Race track design - Player can access all the touch tools and design, decorate and change the tracks for someone to play.

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